Software Quality Assurance & Testing Services

Our focus is on client satisfaction and high quality software products, hence Software Quality Assurance and Testing plays a critical role in our process framework.  Some organizations tend to think that testing is not a critical aspect that adds additional costs. However, testing reduces business costs enormously as defects found early are far easier to fix rather than post implementation where business operations may be affected.

Quality assurance expedites time to market, reduces costs, provides high quality deliverables, and ensures higher levels of confidence. 

The Providence QA team is fully equipped with world-class QA tools and processes along with the latest knowledge in the area to completely understand the business objectives, technical and functional requirements, and the strategic aims of the clients’ project.

At Providence we provide the following QA/testing services to our clients:

Functional Testing:

• Systems Testing

• User Acceptance Testing

• Regression Testing

• Unit Testing

• Integration Testing

Non Functional Testing:

• Performance Testing

• Load Testing

Our Testing Process

Providence use a stringent process in ensuring all our services are effectively delivered in high quality using our proven ISO processes and the QA process management below. 


The process is used in ensuring both our internal standards and customer objectives are effectively managed.


•Software Quality Assurance/Test Strategy – Strategizing quality assurance/testing approach to be followed on the project that will best suit the quality objectives and requirements of our clients.


•Software Quality Assurance Test Planning – Elaborating further on the quality assurance/testing approach to be used on the project and planning for the most optimal tools, resources and techniques to be used on the project to effectively conduct quality assurance efforts.


•Test Case Development – Developing test cases based on functional and non functional requirements of the project ensuring test planning and test strategy objectives are effectively met.


•Test Execution & Review – Execution of test cases by systematically testing the application as per developed test cases 

•Bug Reporting & Defect Tracking – Reporting bugs using a multi cycle process and ensuring all bugs are effectively reported to assure bug free software

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